Intentional Transformation

Live a Better Story

“You're living a good story.  What if living a better story allowed you to pay less taxes and be more generous without changing your lifestyle?”

Eric Dunavant
President & CEO, Paradiem


Paradiem empowers families and businesses to live a better story by being more intentional.


Life is good and your family seems happy enough.  So what is that nagging feeling about there being something more?  Why the fear that you've checked more boxes than created true transformation?

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You have one lifetime to make an impact.  Will you leave a story of joy and happiness or one of regret and missed opportunity?

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The business was built to be a blessing but what have you sacrificed to build the abundance?

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Are your Mission, Vision and Core Values just words on a wall or do they define the culture of your company?

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About Paradiem


Discover the six principles of intentional transformation and how they are empowering families and businesses to live a better story.

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