Timeless Principles,
Timeless Outcomes.

The Paradiem Way

We believe that, in choosing to align ourselves with God’s original design, we become stewards of more than we could ever manage in our own ability. 

Our Guiding Principles

  • Your top asset is your FAMILY!
  • Your top investment is your BUSINESS!
  • Your control of money and resources is finite but your impact is infinite.
  • Transformation happens in relationship.
  • Generosity defeats scarcity.
  • Today echos through eternity.

Our Services

Intentional Transformation

We help families and businesses be more intentional in how they live and give.

Paradiem creates intentional transformation for families and businesses by guiding them to discover the greatness, growth, governance and generosity in their story that will impact today, tomorrow and eternity. 

These outcomes create relational impact while prioritizing value, minimizing taxes and optimizing giving.

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Intentional Ownership

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The traditional investing world is full of short-term distractions and misleading messages of fear.  For that reason, it is our mission to dispel the traditional investing noise by standing firm on time-tested principles and maintaining a long-term ownership perspective.

We are intentional owners of excellent companies.

Our Approach

Knowing you and your family individually – and letting you know ours – is foundational to our journey together. As we better understand the outcomes you desire, we can help you navigate the obstacles and opportunities that arise along the way. This personal connection changes the environment entirely.

This is our Family

Sandy Tackett

CCO and President of Operations

Carl Drury

President of Transformation

Andrew Stoner

Chief Investment Officer

Dani Weaver

Vice President of Financial Transformation

Thea Lowery

Vice President of Family Transformation

Russell Riggs

Vice President of Business Transformation

Ray Marie Fenger

Director of Operations