Timeless Virtues,
Timeless Outcomes.

The Paradiem Way

We believe that, in choosing to align ourselves with God’s original design, we become stewards of more than we could ever manage in our own ability. 

Our Guiding Virtues

  • We are simply the temporary manager of what we have.
  • There is more benefit in giving than receiving.
  • True “wealth” comes from being generous.
  • Our ability to make wealth is an unearned blessing.
  • Poorly thought out and excessive inheritances can destroy the people we love most.
  • “We can’t take it with us, but we can send it on ahead.” - Randy Alcorn

Our Services


We specialize in providing Principled Planning to families and businesses who have a heart for making an impact beyond themselves. 

We do this by helping you Maximize Value, Minimize Taxes, and Optimize Giving.

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Paradiem provides the rich perspective, framework and resources that enable you to understand, build and sustain a multi-generational legacy.

Eliminate fear, overcome greed and watch God increase your ability to better steward your resources.

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Our Approach

Knowing you and your family individually – and letting you know ours – is foundational to our journey together. As we better understand the outcomes you desire, we can help you navigate the obstacles and opportunities that arise along the way. This personal connection changes the environment entirely.

This is our Family

Sandy Tackett

CCO and President of Operations

Carl Drury

President of Planning

Andrew Stoner

CIO and Director of Family Offices

Dani Weaver

Vice President of Family Planning

Thea Lowery

Vice President of Legacy Planning

Russell Riggs

Director of Business Planning

Ray Marie Fenger

Lead Office Coordinator