Live a Better Story,
Pursue ROI (Return on Intention).


There is a system with its own agenda.  An agenda that leaves most families focusing on the wrong ROI and reaping unintended consequences.  You've spent years creating ROI (Return on Investment) but what is your true ROI (Return on Intention).

Principles of Intentional Transformation

  • Your top asset is your FAMILY!
  • Your top investment is your BUSINESS!
  • Your control of money is finite.
  • Transformation happens in relationship.
  • Generosity defeats scarcity.
  • Today echos through eternity.

Our Services

Intentional Transformation

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You're living a good story.  What if living a better story allowed you to pay less taxes and be more generous without changing your lifestyle?

Paradiem empowers families and businesses to live a better story by being more intentional.

We create Intentional Transformation by guiding you to discover the Greatness, Growth, Governance and Generosity in your story that will impact today, tomorrow and eternity.

Intentional Ownership

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The traditional investing world is full of short-term distractions and misleading messages of fear.  For that reason, it is our mission to dispel the traditional investing noise by standing firm on time-tested principles and maintaining a long-term ownership perspective.

We are intentional owners of excellent companies.

Our Impact

Over the last 10 years Paradiem has helped families & businesses live a better story by:

  • Discovering their Purpose and Mission
  • Increasing communication, connectedness and relationships
  • Eliminating or avoiding over $1 Billion of unnecessary taxes
  • Increasing overall charitable giving by over $1.7 Billion
  • Increasing lifetime charitable giving by over $500 Million
  • This intentional transformation was achieved without negatively impacting the growth of the business, their desired lifestyle spending or the inheritance to their children and grandchildren


This is for informational and illustrative purposes only and not to be considered a guarantee of results.  Actual results vary with each situation.

This is our Family

Eric Dunavant

President & CEO

Sandy Tackett

CCO and President of Operations

Carl Drury

President of Transformation

Andrew Stoner

Chief Investment Officer

Dani Wauchope

Vice President of Financial Transformation

Thea Lowery

Vice President of Family Transformation

Russell Riggs

Vice President of Business Transformation

Ray Marie Fenger

Director of Operations

Tina Scott

Office Coordinator