Your business isn’t growing because you’re investing in the wrong things!

There is more to building a successful business than the dollars invested.   Today, I’m talking about business transformation, but specifically what I’ve invested into my business to get to where I am today. The first thing that you think about when you’re talking about just investing in your business is what have you financially invested? I think about hundreds … Read More

The Importance of Your Brand

In this video I share the story of the Paradiem brand and how your brand is the first step in telling the story of your business.   Today, I want to talk to you a little bit about business transformation, but specifically your brand and how that reflects what’s important to you and who you are as a business.   … Read More

Congratulations Dr. & Mrs. Wauchope!!

As many of you may or may not know, our team is a lot like family.  We do our best to support, uplift, encourage, love and serve each other as well as our clients.  This weekend, most of our team was able to celebrate one of our own, Dani Weaver our Vice President of Financial Transformation, as she married the … Read More

5 Actions for Daily Clarity

This video shares the 5 things you can do every day that will change the trajectory of your business…and it’s probably not what you think.   [link referenced]     Today I want to spend some time talking about your business leadership transformation, specifically five steps to daily clarity.   Let me tell you a little bit about me. … Read More

Texas A&M School of Business Podcast

Eric had the honor last month to be featured on the Mays MasterCast where he talks about getting thrown off the roller coaster in business, changing the equation with generosity, and course-correcting why inheritance and assistance can help future generations. Eric also shares stories about helping families through the difficult conversations surrounding inheritance. Key tips down the road, goals that … Read More

The Heart of Ownership

Last month Eric was interviewed by the Center for Christianity In Business of Houston Baptist University Podcast. In his interview, Eric shares how our relationships should shape our decisions and how understanding the Greatness, Growth, Governance and Generosity of your story has the opportunity to create an unexpected transformation in your outcomes. CLICK HERE TO LISTEN 

Do you have a team you can trust?

In this VLOG Eric looks at your Business Leadership Transformation and how important it is to have a team within your business who can help you, the owner, make decisions and see clearly the opportunities and challenges ahead.

Unexpected Transformation

In January of 2020, we all had a one-year forecast, a budget that we labored over for months to get just right. We had marketing plans and sale strategies. We had performance goals that were set and rolled out to our teams. We made plans…then March 2020 happened. We were all blindsided! Have you ever planned for one thing to … Read More

Using the CARES Act to Keep Your Business on the Road to Transformation

You are probably aware that the government recently signed the CARES Act into law. In short, the CARES Act is a wide-ranging emergency fiscal stimulus package created to help ease the economic damage that is resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Within this act there are 4 primary benefits that serve to bring assistance to small businesses during this unprecedented time. … Read More