2013 Do Unto Others Adventure

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Do Unto Others Adventures

2013 Do Unto Others Adventure

Do Unto Others recap:

From August 3rd-5th, the Dunavant family and members of the Kardia team and their families traveled to Baja, Mexico to participate in the Amor 3-day Home Build Project. They met in San Diego and traveled across the border where they met members of the family they would be helping: Ramiro, Daniela, and Fernanda. Over the next 72 hours, everyone worked tirelessly together to build the house. The group ate fabulous Mexican food, showered with milk jugs, and slept outside!

It was a rewarding experience for everyone, and the new homeowners were so touched by the group’s efforts. The Dunavant family and everyone on our team look forward to participating in another mission trip soon. We hope that more friends and family can join us next time!

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