2014 Do Unto Others Adventure

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Do Unto Others Adventures

2014 Do Unto Others Adventure

Do Unto Others Recap:

Eric and I are kinda crazy. Lots of people think so.

We aren’t crazy ALL the time. Just in the summer, when it is time to travel. And maybe in the springtime, when we start to plan our travel. We do things that no one in their right mind would ever think of doing. I promise, we don’t try to be crazy. It just sort of happens.

This year’s big Dunavant vacation included family fun from Canada to California to Mexico–it was a continental journey! Oddly enough, after all the sightseeing, flying, swimming, boogie boarding and exploring, Mexico was the highlight of our trip. We had been working toward this goal for nearly 20 days (yes, 20 days–I told you we were crazy). We were finally to our grand finale–serving.

I kind of wondered what this year would be like. Would we have that same feeling as last year? Would it feel old and tired? Would we miss the exciting, exhilarating emotions?

It was like we had never left. The tents were there, but this time we had packed smarter. The row of outhouses was still there, but this time it wasn’t quite so bad to have no plumbing.

We had a new family. The young family from last year had been replaced by a family matriarch who asked for a home to be built on her property for her daughter, who was in school. Ermalinda was a solemn woman who never failed to smile when she saw Gracyn hopping and skipping around the build site. She was eager to share her homemade popsicles with the hot, thirsty workers and cried and prayed through the moving key ceremony. You see, it was all the same and all very different but a completely amazing experience once again.

Tijuana is dusty and dirty. It is not a place that you “tour” and I wouldn’t suggest exploring it on your own. That being said, it is a remarkable place to experience, to serve and to savor. . . year after year.

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