Boys & Girls Club Covington

Josh Motlong

Doing Good Days

Boys & Girls Club Covington

Event Recap:

We had a very busy day getting the Boys & Girls Club ready for their summer program to begin! First, Director Jessica Beck gave us the grand tour of the facility which is filled with plenty to keep the kids busy. We worked with their team, and members of the Covington Rotary who joined us, to clean out their back building and sort through donations they’d received throughout the year. It was amazing to see just how much they receive throughout the year! Once that was complete, we moved to the outside. There were flower beds and a garden that needed tending to and our team cleared the weeds out in no time! But we had to be mindful of those pesky fire ants! Since our visit we’ve had the pleasure of seeing this organization in action with the youth in this community, it is truly great what they do for these kids.

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