Covington Food Bank

Josh Motlong

Doing Good Days

Covington Food Bank

Event Recap:

Our Doing Good Day with Covington Food Bank was record breaking! We had a great time volunteering alongside Covington Rotary on Feb. 11th. The day was a theme of box related activities; making boxes, filling boxes, giving out boxes, and tearing down boxes.

The day could have been warmer, but you couldn’t tell by looking at the smiles on the faces of the whopping 25 volunteers who came out to help! We heard 9 was the highest number of pallets completed in a day (a pallet of boxes filled with food about 3 boxes high and maybe 5 wide). This happened around Christmas one year. We set our goal for the day of beating that record by the time we left at noon. We didn’t just beat it, we smashed it with 17! We finished so many pallets they ran out of pallet to fill!

We hope this is setting the pace for numbers of volunteers and the amount of work we can finish for each non-profit we work with! Thank you to all who came out! Together we can make a difference!

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