Gran’s Attic and the Samaritan Center

Josh Motlong

Doing Good Days

Gran’s Attic and the Samaritan Center

Event Recap:
On September 28th, the Dunavant Wealth Strategies team got the opportunity to tour both Gran’s Attic and the Samaritan Center (run by the same non-profit) in old Mandeville, LA. It was interesting listening to Store Coordinator Lynne Adcox tell us about the items they receive for Gran’s Attic Thrift Shop and how those proceeds go to fund the food bank side of the operation. Not only do they receive donations from individuals in the community, but also from some favorite local boutiques like the Villa and Brenchley when items don’t sell in their stores.

You can find some amazing deals on designer clothes and shoes! We did a wide range of things to help – from spreading gravel in the parking lot to sorting and bagging jewelry for Gran’s Attic’s 50¢ Jewelry Sale and moving books out of the book room to make room for a new shelf.

Ms. Lynne even shared some touching stories about how they have been able to help people in the community over the years. We’d like to thank the Samaritan Center for allowing us to come out and volunteer! We all worked hard, but the kids did amazing!

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