How can we keep those little ones occupied?

Mar 24, 2020Family Transformation

Well mamas… now seems like a huge opportunity for us to band together and share ideas on how we can get through this quarantine with our sanity in check and make this strange experience as positive as we can for our little ones.  My heart breaks for all our sweet kids who’ve tried to stay strong last week.  Whether they showed it or not, I’m sure they had moments of sadness thinking of their friends and just missing being a kid.  I have seen a ton of great ideas shared over the last week or two.  I thought it might be helpful to have them all in one place.  Here are some of my top finds:

  1. Get connected! Virtual hangouts and playdates can help us all feel a little more normal!  There are wonderful tools like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts and FaceTime (on iPhones/iPads only).  I’ve heard great things about Facebook Portals (a little pricey but a discount of $50 if you get 2.  Go halves with your parents – hear this is great for grandparent connections).  Also apps like Marco Polo – allow you to send video messages, and HouseParty – is great for playing games or visiting.  I had my 1st Zoom hangout with friends, did wonders for my spirit!
  2. Stay active! There are a few fun kid workouts (and us moms can do them too!).  20 min full Body Workout for Kids, The Body Coach Beginner Kid Workout – this guy also has started a daily workout for kids streaming here.  I know for my son, gym time was his second to recess as his favorite class 😊
  3. Get Creative! So many fun things to do here!
    • Sidewalk chalk! If you don’t have any – order some here.  Not only can you decorate your driveway and sidewalk for all those neighbors who’ve taken up walking lately.  You can also have fun with your windows, glass doors and back yard fences!  Blanco Vista elementary school facebook page went viral with this idea!  Just need painters tape and sidewalk chalk!
    • More fun and creative ideas can be found here – Fun Frugal Boys & Girls
    • Fun way to draw made easy! Check it out here.
    • Now that everyone’s stocked up on TP – check out these unique ideas for all those rolls.
  4. Have fun while learning! All of the best teachers are so good at making learning interactive.  I know I have a whole new appreciation for our teachers!  Here are some fun ways to keep learning entertaining at home:
  5. Control the snacking! Now that we’ve all loaded up on groceries, that doesn’t mean the kids need to eat it in a few days.  We need to make this last, and need to curb the needless snacking.  Here are some fun ideas I came across:
    • Set out a little basket, or box labeled for each kid – each morning give them 1 cup and their snacks for the day. This allows them to make choices, and when they are gone they are gone!  Also, 1 cup cuts down on all the dishes that pile up on a normal day 😊
    • Use play money – give them play money for each chore, time they exercise or subject they complete. Then price out the snacks, video game time, iPad time, whatever – pick your reward.  Then they can purchase what they want with what they’ve earned that day.

Do you have other fun ways you are keeping your kids’ spirits up and keeping them entertained?  Share them with me and I’ll see about putting together a second edition of this blog for younger kids.  Hang in there mama!  You are doing an awesome job!  Stay tuned – I’m working on a fun game that I’ll send out once we have it already to go for the little ones too.

Reach out if I can help with anything!

Thea Lowery
Vice President of Family Transformation

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