Intentional Ownership: Lessons I Learned Eating Lunch With A Retired Oil Man During The 2008 Financial Crisis

Apr 2, 2020Intentional Ownership

Does your investing feel random and unpredictable?

Do you find yourself stressed and losing sleep at night, worried this Bear Market will devastate your future?


What if the lessons I learned eating lunch with a retired oil man during the 2008 financial crisis provided insight for transforming the way you think about investing?

If you can spare 4 minutes, I’d love to introduce you to Bob.

If you have 8 more minutes, I’d love to show you how his simple wisdom may be the answer to thriving in these uncertain times.

If this video speaks to you, here’s what I want you to do:

Email us at [email protected] with the subject “5 Year Cash Strategy.”

This will let our team know that you would like to schedule some time to have a conversation about how Intentional Ownership in times of uncertainty is a doorway to peace.

There are no expectations or obligations from the conversation; we are just here to listen and help.

In the course of our conversation, if you believe there would be value in an additional conversation, we offer a free second opinion on your current strategies and can tell you how to take advantage of that insight. No strings attached.

Follow the link below to view a short video explaining what we call “The Prichard Principle.”