Transform your finances into lasting wealth.

Paradiem Invest

Paradiem provides masterful navigation through every aspect of wealth building based on your unique and valued life objectives.

"You might lose it all."
"Keep building, you'll never have enough."

Fear and greed often appear to be the most powerful, driving force in the world of finance, legacy, and “wealth”. But they are temporal, weak, and foundationless. 

It’s not just possible to do these things utterly devoid of fear and greed, we believe it is the only way to build a lasting legacy and true wealth. We would love to show you how.

It's Time to Overcome

When you elminate fear and greed from the equation, God increases your ability to better steward your resources.


Overcome with Power

Not all investments are created equal. Fear coupled with a lack of Kingdom perspective often result in returns at a fraction of God’s plan for you.


Overcome with Love

Discover how to invest not only for multiplied returns, but for lasting impact. Good corporate governance is just as important as earnings and can help you align your passions with your profit.


Overcome with Sound Thinking

With Kingdom thinking, your long-term strategy can provide understanding that will guide you in even the most turbulent of seasons.

“If it’s not personal, it doesn’t work. There’s no way around it. Management in your best interest is impossible without truly knowing you.”

Andrew Stoner
Director, Louisiana Family Office

Making It Easier

Quite simply, the fees we charge to help families work through this incredible process are often offset by the annual income tax savings resulting from our work.