We are intentional owners of excellent companies.

Intentional Ownership

What will the stock market do next?
How will the election affect my portfolio?
When is the next market crash?
Shouldn't we just hold cash and wait to see what happens?

If you are like most investors, these questions have probably crossed your mind at one point or another.

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The Path to Intentional Ownership

When you focus on owning companies that promote the long-term flourishing of humanity, the short-term distractions of fear and scarcity begin to fade away.


Greatness: Why does your story matter?

Not all portfolios are created equal.  Are you living your best story? Or is the Wall Street agenda distracting you with results at a fraction of your long-term potential?


Growth: What is the true ROI (Return on Intention) of your story?

Without clarity of your goals and intentions, you may find yourself chasing abundance with no purpose or direction.


Governance: Who tells your story?

The greatest "risk" in your story is not found where you think it exists.  Will your money outlive you or will you outlive your money? The answer to this question is the difference between a life of dignity versus a life of dependence.


Generosity: How can your story create transformation?

The ownership of excellent companies has the potential to create transformation both personally and in your portfolio. This transformation can multiply returns and make a lasting impact on the long-term flourishing of humanity.

“Pursuing ROI (Return on Investment) without knowing your ROI (Return on Intention) often creates results at a fraction of your long-term potential.”

Andrew Stoner

Chief Investment Officer

Making It Easier

The investment you make to partner with us through intentional ownership is designed to yield transparency and value.  We take great satisfaction in providing frequent communication while we actively monitor the excellence, cash flow, diversification and tax opportunities we can utilize to create better outcomes.