The business was built to be a blessing, but what have you sacrificed to build the abundance?

Business Transformation

Better ROI is found in the important, not the urgent!


What have you sacrificed?

  • Have you paid the price mentally and physically?
  • Were there days of agonizing prayer, wondering if you would make it?
  • How many missed family meals? Absent bedtimes? Interrupted vacations?
  • Are you still curious if more could be done?

Don't settle for good!

What if living a better story allowed you to pay less taxes and be more generous without changing your lifestyle?

Getting Results

The Path to Transformation

Intention transforms generations when you uncover:

  • Greatness / "Why" does your story matter?
  • Growth / "What" is the true ROI (Return on Intention) of your story?
  • Governance / "Who" tells your story?
  • Generosity / "How" can your story transform generations?

Making It Easier

We have a set investment price for each phase of our work.  In addition to the priceless transformation we help you achieve, it is not uncommon for the tax savings resulting from our work to offset the majority of this investment, often within the first year of working together.