Expecting the Unexpected.

Case Studies

“Our process consistently reveals remarkable opportunity, even when you feel all that can be done has been done.”

Eric Dunavant
President & CEO, Paradiem

Selling The Business

  • Couple was in their early 50’s and had 3 children.
  • Had already set up a trust for each child to provide a small lifetime inheritance.
  • Wanted to provide an additional lifetime inheritance to their children.
  • Wanted to equalize their children’s inheritances because they provided a college education and down payment for a home for their oldest and college education for the middle child.
  • Estate plan created additional trusts providing their children income and the assets to their future grandchildren.
  • Had a business that was being prepared for a future IPO or sale.
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Family Planning

  • Couple in their mid 60’s and had 3 children and 8 grandchildren.
  • Family owned a business and 2 of the 3 children were active in the business.
  • Brother also owned a portion of the business, but wasn’t active in the business.
  • Wanted to give the business to their children involved in the business and equalize the inheritance for the child that wasn’t involved.
  • Already had trusts set up for the benefit of each child for their inheritance.
  • Wanted to include their family in charitable giving.
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Busy Executive

  • Couple in their late 40’s and had 4 children.
  • He was an executive in a large company and was earning substantial income and bonuses.
  • He deferred a large portion of his annual bonuses and was anticipating a big tax event at retirement.
  • Had highly appreciated investments that would need to be sold at some point in the future.
  • Did not have any plans for a lifetime inheritance.
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Enjoying Retirement

  • Couple was in their 50’s and had 3 children.
  • Family’s wealth was highly concentrated in one stock – the family business that went public.
  • Had way more income than they needed and were paying more in annual income taxes than necessary.
  • Wills created multiple trusts that would provide a substantial income to their children and assets to their future grandchildren.
  • Wanted to provide their children a lifetime inheritance as well as a post-death inheritance.
  • Had a very large insurance policy that they didn’t need and it was going to lapse because it was performing poorly.
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Transferring the Family Business

  • Couple in their early 50’s and had 4 sons.
  • His father started a family business and ownership was passed to the client, his brother, two sisters, their spouses, and 7 members of the third generation.  Including the father there were 16 owners
  • The client and his brother were leading and operating the company, but they were grossly under compensated..
  • None of the client’s nieces or nephews were interested in running the family business and his sons were interested but still in college or high school.
  • company was filing as an S-Corp and had substantial income being reinvested.
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