Creating True ROI (Return on Intention).

Case Studies

“Our process consistently reveals remarkable opportunities to achieve greater ROI (Return on Investment) when you discover your ROI (Return on Intention).”

Eric Dunavant
President & CEO, Paradiem

Sell The Business

  • Couple was in their early 50’s and had 3 children.
  • They had a business that was being prepared for a future IPO or sale.
  • Trust established for each child to provide a small lifetime inheritance with a desire to provide an additional lifetime inheritance.
  • Their estate created trusts providing their children income but no assets.
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Grow the Business

  • Late 30’s/early 40’s and 2 young children.
  • Owned a rapidly growing business with a desire to exit the business within the next 5-10 years.
  • They had 2 business loans and a mortgage totaling 12% of their assets.
  • Basic legal documents provided their children their entire estate at death.
  • No plans for a lifetime inheritance.
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Transfer the Business

  • Couple in their early 50’s with 4 sons.
  • Father started a family business and ownership was passed to the client, his brother, two sisters, their spouses, and 7 members of the third generation. Including the father, there were 16 owners.
  • He and his brother were leading and operating the company but were severely undercompensated.
  • None of the nieces or nephews were interested in running the family business and his sons were interested but still in college or high school.
  • Company was filing as an S-Corp and had substantial income that was being reinvested.
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Family Transformation

  • Couple in their late 40’s/early 50’s and 4 young children.
  • Had legal documents that had not been updated since children were born, but entire estate was designated to their children in trust.
  • No plans for a lifetime inheritance.
  • Wanted to limit the inheritance for their children but were not clear on the amount.
  • Owned a business that was nearing a sale in the next 2-4 years and would be subject to substantial capital gains taxes.
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Business Transformation

  • Owner founded construction business that was 24 years old.
  • Couple in mid 40’s and 3 children.
  • Operating agreement did not align with owner’s plans for succession, or with his personal legal documents.
  • One son was involved in the business and wanted to inherit or purchase the company in the future.
  • Desire to equalize the inheritances to all children.
  • If the business were sold or transitioned the owner would face a large capital gains tax bill.
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