Beautifully craft a legacy for your children that supports their strengths, shields their weaknesses, and sets them up for a lifetime of advancement and impact.

Family Legacy

Legacy Services

90% of family wealth typically does not survive past the third generation*. We’re here to help you ensure your family is anything but “typical.”

How would it feel to confidently know that your children and grandchildren not only carry the same mission and values as you, but are wholly prepared to carry your estate forward with increasing momentum? 

It’s not only possible, we believe it is wholly practical and necessary.

*““Most rich families will lose it all”, Catey Hill, New York Post, April 24, 2017"

What to expect
  • Attentive devotion
  • Meticulous detail
  • Goal-centered planning
  • Amazing relationship
  • Ongoing support

Getting Results

Eliminating the limiters

We have discovered four factors that consistently limit results, even for families who feel they’ve done all that can be done:

  • A lack of Clarity on goals
  • A lack of Collaboration among advisors
  • A lack of Coordination with your worldview
  • A lack of Completion of planning strategies

With Paradiem, you will confidently build through each of these limiters and open the future you’ve been hoping for.


"You might lose it all."
"Keep building, you'll never have enough."

Fear and greed often appear to be the most powerful, driving force in the world of finance, legacy, and “wealth”. But they are temporal, weak, and foundationless. 

It’s not just possible to do these things utterly devoid of fear and greed, we believe it is the only way to build a lasting legacy and true wealth. We would love to show you how.

Making It Easier

Quite simply, the fees we charge to help families work through this incredible process are often offset by the annual income tax savings resulting from our work.