Ministry Spotlight: Amor

Apr 10, 2020Intentional Generosity

8 years ago, Eric and Angel were looking for a way to take their family on a mission trip.  They kept running into an issue because at the time their youngest, Gracyn was 7.  Most places wanted your child to be 10 or older to participate and they really wanted the whole family to enjoy this experience together.  They found Amor where they could go together and build a house for a family in Tijuana, Mexico.  They made it a part of their family vacation and the rest is history, this year will be their 8th trip!  Here is a flashback to the first recap of their time with Amor.


Dear Friends,

As you probably heard, we took the family on a mission trip this summer.  We had such a wonderful, amazing time in Mexico!  We all learned that we are pretty okay with sleeping outside, totally dandy with showering with milk jugs and completely fine with eating fabulous Mexican food (and frijoles!) for breakfast and dinner everyday, but really, really really, REALLY prefer toilets that flush.  We don’t mind flushing them with a bucket of water at all, but they need to flush…please.

Our team was astounding and we bonded so beautifully with each other and the family we were working with – Ramiro, Daniela and Fernanda.  It was such a fabulous experience.  The kids are so excited to do it again and so are we!  Next time we really would love to take a few of you with us.  Here is a video put together by Amor about our trip.


Eric & Angel Dunavant


2013 started our team’s love of this organization and all that they do.  This quarter we’d like to continue our Ministry Spotlight with a deeper dive into this organization that has become so important to our team and especially the Dunavant Family.