Ministry Spotlight: Edify – Now More Than Ever!

Mar 2, 2021Intentional Generosity

In January of 2020, Edify celebrated 10 years of its God-led organization and service that impacted 1 million students in one year.  Shortly thereafter, the world turned upside down.

How did they respond? They prayed to the Lord for His direction.  What action did they take?  They emphasized their role of spiritual support.  Despite their schools being closed to in-person classes, not only did they maintain support of 4,404 partner schools, but they EXPANDED their reach virtually to schools that were not accessible physically before.  Who would have thought that when everything was shutting down, Edify would be able to expand!  Even during this trying time, God has enabled Edify to reach others with the Gospel and high-quality education.

Check out Edify’s 2020 impact by viewing their annual report.  Truly remarkable!