Ministry Spotlight: Introduction to Edify

Feb 10, 2021Intentional Generosity

To All With Love will be sharing some of the organizations near and dear to our hearts.  The first organization we would like to share with you is Edify.  You may be asking “What is Edify? What does it mean?”  If you look up the definition, ed•i•fy– verb. To instruct or benefit, esp. morally or spiritually; to up lift.   As a faith-based organization trying to solve the global education crisis, Edify partners with schools in underserved communities in the developing world produce a Christ-centered curriculum, train educators to be Godly leaders, and view the classroom as a prime tool for discipleship.  When students are empowered with quality Christ-centered education, they are able to dream, grow and flourish.

Learn how Edify was founded from the co-founders, Chris Crane and Tiger Dawson, by clicking the link below.  What a blessing this organization is to underserved children & families!  It’s especially empowering & transformational!