Ownership Perspectives 04/09/2020

Intentional Ownership

Ownership Perspectives 04/09/2020

Andrew StonerApril 9, 2020

The traditional investing world is full of short-term distractions and misleading messages of fear. For that reason, it is our mission to dispel the traditional investing noise by standing firm on time-tested principles and maintaining a long-term, ownership perspective. Ownership Perspectives is our attempt to cut through the clamor and reframe our focus on what it means to be intentional owners of excellent companies.

Ownership Perspectives is made up of three parts:

“What You’re Hearing” addresses the trending investing “news” while exposing any distracting and irrational messages.

“What Really Matters” reframes the trending investing “news” through the lenses of time-tested principles and a long-term, ownership perspective.

“Wisdom For Your Week” shares thoughtful insight on how to navigate life and current events with intentionality.








Ownership Perspectives 04/09/2020

If you have any questions concerning our Ownership Perspectives or your current ownership strategy, please feel free to email our Chief Investment Officer, Andrew Stoner at andrew.stoner@paradiem.org.

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