Q2 Ministry Spotlight : Amor

Apr 23, 2020Intentional Generosity

To continue our focus on this wonderful ministry that is near and dear to our team, Amor, we want to share a more formal introduction from the ministry itself.

Amor was founded in 1980 by Scott and Gayla Congdon with the goal of serving the local church and keeping families together. In 40 years of ministry Amor has facilitated short-term trips for more than 390,000 individuals and built nearly 20,000 homes for families in need. We believe in the strength of the local church and always follow their guidance as we come alongside them to serve their communities. Beginning at an orphanage in Tijuana, Mexico, Amor now also serves in South Africa and Moldova. We offer a variety of mission experiences that are appropriate for almost any age group and requires no previous experience. Amor􀍛s home building trips create opportunities for groups and individuals to build relationships within their team, with the family they are working with, and provide adequate shelter for a family. – from Amor Ministry

If you have an interest in finding out more information on Amor or if you have an interest in joining the Dunavants’ on their next adventure please let us know!