Switchfoot: Love Alone Is Worth the Fight

May 28, 2019Family Transformation

In 2014, Switchfoot went on a trip around the world, looking for inspiration for their music. The result was their album “Fading West.” One of the most popular songs off the album is called “Love Alone Is Worth the Fight”.

This song has meant a lot to me, and I’d love to share it with you. Here are the first set of lyrics:


I’m trying to find where my place is

I’m looking for my own oasis

So close I can taste this

This fear that love alone erases


So I’m back to the basics

I figure it’s time I faced this

Time to take my own advice


Love alone is worth the fight

Love alone is worth the fight


These lyrics speak to me because they are not shy about exposing the insecurities inside all of us. Who am I? Where do I fit in? The answer isn’t inside us. We experience the answer when we express love and give the gift of love.

Here is the second verse:


And I never thought it would come to this

But it seems like I’m finally feeling numb to this

The funny thing about a name is

You forget what the reason you were playing the game is


And it’s all an illusion

A 21st century institution

So I’m headed down the open road unknown


It makes me wonder, am I guilty of putting a label on people before I know them? The world today is so divisive, and it seems our first impression typically forms our opinion.

What would the world look like if I loved unconditionally before I ever assumed anything? What would I believe about people if I started with a perspective of love, instead of my own personal biases? Here’s the chorus:


And we find what we’re made of

Through the open door

Is it fear you’re afraid of?

What are you waiting for?


Love alone is worth the fight.

Love alone is worth the fight.


The chorus is a simple message. Love first. It’s worth it. You’ll be fighting cultural norms, but it will be worth it. And here’s the last verse:


We’re only here for a season

I’m looking for the rhyme and reason

Why you’re born, why you’re leaving

What you fear and what you believe in


Why you’re living and breathing

Why you’re fighting and getting it even

Let’s go headed down the open road unknown


Our lives are short. In all honesty, none of us knows how long we have. Will we spend our time fighting others, or will we build a legacy of love? The choice is ours. Jesus left a model of how to love well.

Not everyone will understand why we make this choice, but in the end, the value we will give to those we love will be worth all the energy it took to get there.