Switchfoot, Red Eyes, and Easter

Apr 15, 2019Family Transformation

It’s April, the month of Easter. I love the celebration of Easter. I love the reflection of a loving God who sacrificed and suffered to redeem our relationship with Himself.

This month, I would like to introduce you to a beautiful song known by few outside the hardcore fans of Switchfoot. The song is called “Red Eyes,” off their album “Hello Hurricane,” released November 10, 2009.

I chose this song because it reminds me of Easter. Ironically, all the other Switchfoot fans I’ve asked about this song do not interpret it the same way I do. Nevertheless, I want to share how this song touches me. Maybe it will move you the same way. The opening lyrics are:


What are you waiting for?

The day is gone.

I said I’m waiting for dawn

What are you aiming for out here alone?

I said I’m aiming for home

Holding on, holding on


With red eyes

What are you looking for?

With red eyes

Red eyes


The first image that pops into my mind is Mary running to the grave on Easter morning to find the tomb empty. I see tears flowing down her face and her red eyes from crying all night over Jesus’ death. She’d been crying since before Jesus was crucified. This is the first day after the Sabbath when she can return to the grave. She gets there, and the tomb is empty.

She turns around and Jesus is there. The line, “What are you looking for with red eyes?” is like Jesus saying, “What are you looking for?”

She responds, “If you’ve taken him, let me know.” Then she realizes it’s Jesus speaking to her.

The entire song portrays the idea that we are constantly looking for something. The agony of our desire drives us to tears. We’re crying out to God. We can see there are people supporting us, but don’t fully realize God has been there, holding us up, all along.  He’s ready for us to fall into his open arms.

Many of us have probably felt the second verse:


All of my days are spent

Within this skin

Within this cage that I’m in

Nowhere feels safe to me

Nowhere feels home

Even in crowds, I’m alone

Holding on, I’m holding on.


Then it goes back into the chorus:


With red eyes

What are you looking for?

With red eyes

Red eyes


How many times in life do we think we’re alone? Even in those times, Jesus is waiting for us to realize He’s there. That is the message of Easter. Jesus paid the ultimate sacrifice for us.

He’s waiting for us to hear him say, “I’m here. I see your pain. Turn around and let me love you. You don’t have to be alone.” Every time I listen to this song, I go to the grave along with Mary, and I see her tears.

I also see the tears in my own life. I realize that if I would just turn around, the comfort that I’m waiting for is right behind me.