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Carl Drury

President of Transformation

Carl has been with Paradiem since 2014 and is President of Transformation. Carl helps business owners integrate their business planning with their personal planning to protect their families and businesses from unplanned exits. In his role, he also serves to create personal and business legacies that will continue beyond the current generation. Carl received a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University.

Carl worked as an engineer for several years before taking on positions in marketing, strategy development, and business management. In 2007, Carl began to serve families by helping them find clarity in what they want to accomplish with the relationships and resources entrusted to them and started developing plans to help them effectively accomplish their goals.

Carl grew up in Louisiana, but at the age of 13 moved to Indiana when his father passed away. He has two adult children and is married to his lovely wife, Sherri. Carl and Sherri love to travel and have both been on several mission trips throughout the world.

Five interesting facts about Carl

“Trust but verify”; Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, Romans 8:1

NeedToBreathe, Lauren Daigle, Johnny Cash

Earning my engineering degree over 7-1/2 years while raising two children and working full-time.