Thea Lowery

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Thea Lowery

Vice President of Family Transformation

Thea joined the Paradiem team in 2012 and currently serves as the Vice President of Family Transformation. In her role, she heads up our Family division, working alongside families to better communication and bring family unity and involvement in the planning process. Thea has a bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Psychology from Indiana University. Her degree, along with her diverse work history, gives her a unique and creative approach to projects, processes, and family dynamics. She has a gift for working with all personality types and seeing the beauty in differences.

Before joining Paradiem, Thea worked in project management and project coordination for a startup tech company. She felt her previous position was missing the element of working more closely with people and families, which is her true passion.

In her down time, Thea, her husband Dan, and son Jackson, enjoy spending time with family and friends. They share a love for the Cubs and are dabbling in golf. Thea was previously a member of Junior League and has a heart for helping and serving others.

Five interesting facts about Thea

It has to be multi-tasking, I can take anything that comes at me and do it with a smile.

“You are not who you were, but you’ve not fully become who you will be!” – Paige Henderson

Civil Wars (was heartbroken when they split), Revivalists, love female vocalists like Adele and Sara Bareilles and sometimes the occasional Miranda Lambert. I may or may not listen to 90’s rap when I work out.

I don’t, I’m a tea drinker. Black Iced Tea w/Stevia is my go to.

My son, he is the best thing I’ve ever been a part of creating. Also, just loving my family whole heartedly and being the best wife and mom I can possibly be.