In this video I share the story of the Paradiem brand and how your brand is the first step in telling the story of your business.


Today, I want to talk to you a little bit about business transformation, but specifically your brand and how that reflects what’s important to you and who you are as a business.


Let me tell you a little bit about our brand… about Paradiem.  Paradiem means, “Beyond the Day.”


Our organization is focused on helping families and businesses be more intentional on how they live and how they give.  We truly believe that your intentional transformation has the capacity to impact today, tomorrow, and eternity.  Therefore, we want to help families and businesses make that impact beyond today.


The name of the company is Paradiem, but also it gets deeper when you get into our logo.


If you look at our logo, first is you’ll notice the star.  That star is related to our mission statement, which is to “Seek First.”

Seek first the Kingdom of God.

We believe it is important to listening to God and His instruction for what He would have us do as a company for ourselves, but also for the people that we get to serve. We encourage the families that we serve to spend time praying and to Seek First what God wants them to do with what they’ve been blessed with and their resources.


The next piece you’ll notice are these four columns. There are two meanings behind this.

  1. Internally our core values are to love, serve, impact, and transform the families that we partner with.
  2. It also relates to the way that we work with families. We want to help families and businesses discover the greatness, the growth, the governance, and the generosity in their story.  The greatness or their “why.” The growth, “what’s” happening. The governance, “who” do you want to make an impact with, and the generosity, the “how” you’re going to get it done.


You’ll notice that this is really dark down here and then this is lighter. We believe that the majority of the industry is focusing primarily on financial matters and that the conversations that need to be had to create true transformation, start around a conference table.  A conversation of getting into real relationship and understanding what’s important. We believe that as you become more intentional from dark into light, you begin to experience transformation.


Last, one of our older logos had a bridge on it and so to pay homage to that the bridge is still present in the image.  You can see it better if you turn the logo upside down.  What we’re trying to do is help families connect the intentional transformation for their family and business, to the transformation that they’re creating inside of their finances.  When you bring those two together you discover things that you never imagined were possible. When you really get clear on what you’re trying to do from a personal and business level, with real purpose, it completely opens up new options and opportunities.

This is the brand of Paradiem.

How is your brand working?

How do you think about your brand as you run your business?