Your business isn’t growing because you’re investing in the wrong things!

Jun 22, 2020Business Leadership Transformation

There is more to building a successful business than the dollars invested.


Today, I’m talking about business transformation, but specifically what I’ve invested into my business to get to where I am today.

The first thing that you think about when you’re talking about just investing in your business is what have you financially invested?

I think about hundreds of thousands of dollars that I’ve spent on branding and marketing and systems.

I’m part of accountability groups. I was part of a group last week. We get together for three days thinking about what we’re going to do for the next quarter as we look at our targets towards the end of the year.

I’m part of C12, which is a group I fly to Dallas, Texas from Louisiana once every single month to spend a full day in a round table with other CEOs sitting around the table, talking about how to improve.

All those investments sound good, but here’s the number one thing that I’ve learned.

It’s what I wasn’t investing in that held me back.

A year or two ago, was that I was so focused on business that I was sacrificing my family, my health, and my spiritual connection to God on the altar of trying to build a business.

I was miserable, my marriage was not going well, my connection to my kids was falling apart.

You want to know what I invest in? Every morning, I get up and spend time invested in my body doing some yoga and some meditation. I also spend time spiritually connecting every single morning with God through prayer and looking at scripture.

I have focused time every single morning to invest with my wife, where we sit down and talk about what’s going on during the day. We take time to pray together and I spend time connecting with my kids.

I’ve found that this investment is the most important investment that I make every day. Instead of sacrificing all of that on the altar of success, I’ve flipped it upside down and made those the most important things.

That’s the investment that matters. That’s the thing that actually will transform a business.

How are you doing? Are you sacrificing your family, your health, your spiritual connection on the altar of trying to build a business?

Here’s what I know. If you are like most business owners, you’re working and you’re working and you’re working and you’re trying to transform, but your impact is probably going to last one, maybe two or three generations if you’re lucky.

Here’s what I’d encourage you to do.

In the link below this video is a survey that will let you know how many generations you will impact. I encourage you to take the survey and find out.

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